Elisabeth is one of the most natural people I’ve ever directed. Her instincts are right in line with the mine and it makes it so easy to work when everyone is in sync. She trusts her instincts and it shows on screen.
— Greg Grunberg, Director/Producer/Actor
Working with Elisabeth was a dream - she came well prepared, was smart and caught on quickly to the tone we wanted, worked well under direction, and helped us to deliver a stellar product at the end
— Andrea Chang, Voice Over Audio Engineer/Sound Deginer at EA
Elisabeth Hunter is one talented woman. Her sound is fresh, inviting and full of life. Not only that, she is a joy to work with. This girl’s got the goods.
— Mick Wingert, Voice Actor and Coach
Elisabeth is a joy to watch on stage in class. Her smart choices, point of view, and 100% commitment to her improv partners elevates any scene she is in.
— Dave Storrs, Groundlings Improv Instructor
Excellent speed and quality of work. I am sure that I would love to work with Elisabeth again.
— HeraMED, Client
Elisabeth was an absolute pleasure to work with. She really inhabited the role and created a character that was both funny and relatable. She’s also very adept at improv and working with children. And as if that wasn’t enough, she ate about a thousand fruit snacks without complaining.
— David Brashear, Director
Elisabeth was perfect! Nailed it!
— Urban Explorer Motorland City (PC Game), Client
Excellent voice actor.
— TheTrollGate, Youtube Commenter
Good voice acting right there.
— MrDeejayjfx, Youtube Commenter
Elisabeth Hunter is great, with her soprano voice and lovable charm. Her resistance to admit her love for Bob brings to mind other classic musical couples...
— Mary Lansing, Life in LA
‘At the Ballet’ has Sheila, Elisabeth Hunter, with just the right hauteur for the role.”
— Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA